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The instructional staff consists of individuals who have an enormous amount of experience in teaching and helping others.  They also have experience in diagnosing and repairing equipment and have worked in the building and maintenance trade for 10 years or more, or have earned a degree in the trade, or have earned a license in the trade.  Some staff members also maintain a professional relationship with other institutions and/or governmental agencies. Most importantly, all provide training of the highest quality, encourage cooperation and team work, demonstrate efficiency and productivity, promote good work ethics, and exhibit hard work.  Simply stated, this type of guidance will have a lifelong effect toward helping students achieve their educational objectives. 

ROGER CARROLL - Casual Instructor:  Mr. Carroll teaches plumbing courses.  He brings five years of experience working for Roto-Rooter and 19 years experience as an apartment technician with the Indianapolis Housing Agency.  Early in his career, he chose to specialize in plumbing and completed a four year apprenticeship program. His background and experience, in addition to his performance and leadership in the classroom, make him an ideal instructor for the apartment technology program.  Mr. Carroll has earned a Universal EPA Technician Certification, technical certificates in apartment maintenance and HVAC maintenance, and an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Apartment Technology. 

TODD LANIER - Casual Instructor:  Mr. Lanier teaches appliance and swimming pool maintenance courses. He has 16 years of experience as an apartment maintenance technician with Edward Rose of Indiana, and has worked in all phases of maintenance from grounds to supervision. Mr. Lanier's dedication and outstanding work have earned him "Apartment Maintenance Technician of the Year" as awarded by the Indiana Apartment Association.  His experience in the apartment community makes him an ideal instructor for the apartment technology program.  He has earned a Type I & II Technician Certification, technical certificates in swimming pool maintenance, HVAC maintenance, appliance maintenance, and an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Apartment Technology.

JOHN MERRITT - Casual Instructor:  Mr. Merritt teaches carpentry and electrical courses.  He has 23 years of experience in carpentry and 14 years as a certified electrical and structural inspector.  Mr. Merritt brings a vast store of knowledge of state, city, and local codes with him into the program. Besides being a state inspector, he has worked as a carpentry foreman and project manager.  He has been a part time instructor at AC/C TECH for the past ten years.

DIANA L. MOORMAN - Manager: Mrs. Moorman teaches arborist's certification and EPA technician certification courses.  Moreover, she has aided in developing various AC/C TECH programs and youth summer camps.  It's noteworthy to mention that she has taught language arts for 32 years in the public school system.  She has also served on a District V State Tech Prep Curriculum Development Committee and served as a Tech Prep English Teacher trainer.  She has been involved with the development of a Teacher Advisement Program in her local school district; and for the past 15 years, she has been a chief contract negotiator for the Clark Pleasant Education Association and has served as the association's president for four years.  Mrs. Moorman has earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English and a Master of Science Degree in Secondary Education.

ISHMAN F. MOORMAN  - President:  Mr. Moorman teaches appliance repair, electrical maintenance, heating and air-conditioning, and general education courses.  His duties also include curricula, staffing, student enrollment, job placement, financial management, and more.  He has 11 years experience in engineering and technology and 19 years teaching on the post secondary level.  Mr. Moorman has earned an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Mechanical Drafting Design Technology, a Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering & Technology, and a Master Degree in Business Administration.

ANGELA S. MULLIS - Casual Instructor:   Mrs. Mullis teaches general education courses related to shop math, self management, and supervision.  She is new to teaching but already has realized numerous benefits from helping others; e.g.: one individual got promoted as a result of her training.  Mrs. Mullis has earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications and a minor in Spanish.  Currently she is working toward earning a Maters Degree in Spanish.

DONALD A. MULLIS, Jr. - Casual Instructor:   Mr. Mullis teaches general education courses related to shop math, self management, and supervision.  He also assists in recruiting and placing new students into the programs offered by AC/C Tech.  Mr. Mullis has earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing.


JAMES PETTIT - Casual Instructor:  Mr. Pettit teaches HVAC courses and has mastered the art of teaching and helping others in the trade.  He has achieved 36 years of "solid" HVAC experience, 13 years of post secondary training experience, and youth counseling.  He owned and operated an HVAC service company, registered as INDY Service.  Mr. Pettit has earned a Bachelor's Degree in Education and serves as a member on the Marion County licensing board for HVACR work activities.

DAVID R. THOMPSON - Casual Instructor:   Mr. Thompson teaches courses designed for summer youth camps.  Mr. Thompson has 27 years of experience as an industrial education teacher in the public school system.  His instructional labs have developed over the years from the old standard woods and metals shops into a high tech environment of computerized machine set ups, CAD, and robotics. In addition to teaching, Mr. Thompson has coached both football and wrestling for 24 years.  He has coached three state wrestling champions in the last four years.  Mr. Thompson earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial Education K-12 and a Master of Science Degree.

JENNIFER M. WILLHITE - Technical Writer/Editor: Ms. Willhite is a published journalist/writer with 12 years of experience in writing and print/online publishing.  She is a regular contributor to special publications for the Columbus Republic newspaper.  She has published several works through Heartland Publishing, Demand Media, Inc., and Ms. Willhite earned dual B.A. Degrees in English and Comparative Literature from Indiana University Bloomington in 2006 and completed her B.A.J. degree from the IU School of Journalism at IUPUI in December 2008.

WILLIS WILLIAMS - Casual Instructor:   Mr. Williams teaches computer technology courses.  He has 27 years of experience in computer technology, 6 years experience teaching adults “computer literacy” in the government work place and private industry, and 3 years experience teaching youth.  He was instrumental in business implementations and development plans for networking and computer training for Crane Naval Surface Warfare Center (Public Works Department) as well as assisting AWI with implementation of the current online gaming system services for the Hoosier Lottery. Mr. Williams earned an Associate Degree in Information Technology and a Bachelor Degree in Telecommunications.


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