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General Education Courses

GEN101 - Careers in Apartment Maintenance - workshop
This course is designed to help students understand the role of a maintenance technician and to help them realize career opportunities in apartment maintenance. The students will gain exposure to different levels of apartment maintenance, job assignments and work expectations for each level, work order procedures, service calls after normal business hours, compensation trends, overtime pay requirements, customer satisfaction and resident retention, plus more.  The students will also gain exposure to employer benefit offerings such as health insurance; sick, holiday, and vacation pay; 401k or pension plans; and educational assistance.

GEN102 - Basic Electricity

This course develops skills in understanding electrical fundamentals as a prerequisite for diagnosing and repairing major appliances, heating and cooling equipment, swimming pool pumps and motors, and defective circuits in a home or apartment.  Specifically, the students will learn electrical theory, electrical terminology, ohms law, and electrical formulas. From a practical standpoint, students will learn how electricity is produced and distributed from the utility company, the demand for electricity in a home or apartment, how to diagnose failures using a volt-ohm meter, how to interpret diagrams and schematic, plus more.

GEN103 - Self Management

This course is a psychological approach toward improving attitudes and prepares students for entry level employment positions. It covers planning a career, projecting a professional image, developing skills, and understanding time management, human relations, methods of motivation, personalities, health, and leadership skills.

GEN104 - Supervision

This course prepares students for entry level supervision positions. The students will develop an understanding of various organizational structures and practices, supervisory methods and concepts, human relations policies, personal considerations, and supervision of maintenance activities.

GEN105 - Shop Math

This course involves mathematical concepts but with an emphasis on "SHOP MATH" as it applies to diagnosing and repairing technical problems. The students will analyze decimals, fractions, percentages, trigonometric ratios, circumferences, surface areas, volumes, air flow, heat transfer, distances, speeds, RPM, rotations, pressures, forces, torques, horsepower, geometric concepts, and problem solving.

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