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Interior/Exterior Building Maintenance Courses

INT101 - Grounds, Scenery & Curb Appeal

This course studies the basic approach to improving the appearance of an apartment community, but with an emphasis on curb appeal. Students will learn how to maintain signs, gates, fences, flags and flag poles, walkways, trash barriers, grass, fertilizer, mulch, shrubbery, pots, and planters. The students will learn the importance of maintaining these items and developing positive impressions.

INT102 - Outdoor Accessories

This course develops skill in maintaining a basketball court, tennis court, volleyball court, and/or children’s play area.  The students will learn how to maintain the court surface, make minor repairs, and remove obstacles that may be considered hazardous. Also covered are water fountain maintenance, sidewalk and step maintenance, and barbeque pit and fire pit maintenance.  Emphasis will be placed on keeping these items in good condition because they illustrate the quality of a facility or community.

INT103 - Exterior Maintenance

This course develops skills in making repairs outside the residence. The students will learn how to repair roofs, gutters and down spouts, exterior walls, screens and windows, doors and door locks, porches, patios, and decks. Also covered are safety awareness, tool selection, and construction materials. But most importantly, the students will learn to make repairs in safe, efficient, and productive manners.

INT104 - Interior Maintenance

This course develops skills in maintaining the interior upkeep of a property and to ensure that all vacant apartment units are thoroughly restored to a “market ready” condition, and in a timely manner. More specifically, students will learn procedures for repairing interior components such as ceilings, walls, floors, stairs, doors, cabinets, trim, and baseboards.  They will also inspect appliances, HVAC equipment, plumbing fixtures, and the electrical system for safety and functionality.

INT105 - Final & Inspection - workshop

This course develops skills in making final preparations before a facility can be leased. It mainly covers touch-up work that may have been damaged during the punch-out or cleaning process. It also covers inspections to assure that the facility is clean, all appliances are working properly, and that all repairs were made in a professional manner.

INT201 - Uniform Physical Inspections
This course develops skills in conducting inspections as covered under the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development UPCS (Uniform Physical Condition Standards). Students will learn details about the UPCS protocol and procedures, deficiency definitions, inspection guidelines, scoring, technical reviews, and database adjustments.  Emphasis will be placed on achieving a 95-100% REAC score.  Additionally, the program includes a strategy that gets everyone involved.  This team approach will have the greatest impact towards helping your apartment communities achieve the highest score possible.

INT202 - Mold Remediation
This course covers the mold remediation process.  It begins by providing background information about mold and its origins.  Specifically, it defines mold (including characteristics and optimal, environmental factors for maturation based on type), mold’s different types and manifestations, health risks associated with exposure, and, finally, procedures associated with the detection, containment, removal, prevention and completion of the remediation process.

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