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Swimming Pool Maintenance Courses

SWI101 - Pool Codes

This course develops skills in understanding codes and regulations affecting public, semipublic, special-use, and private swimming pools and spas. Students will learn codes affecting the water supply and plumbing fixtures; sewer system and drains; depth markings; safety requirements, supervision and lifesaving equipment; disinfection and water quality; suits and towels for swimmers; cleaning pools; records of operation and supervision; supervision of personal conduct and regulations.

SWI102 - Pool Opening

Pool Opening covers activities related to draining and cleaning the pool; making floor and wall repairs where necessary; painting or acid-bathing; inspecting the chlorinator and chemical feeder; checking the valves, filters, strainers, motor and pump for proper operation; and filling the pool.

SWI103 - Pool Management

Pool management involves maintaining records and files on water testing; disease and accident prevention; pool operation problems and chemical adjustments; equipment maintenance; energy conservation; training personnel; and monitoring swimmers.

SWI104 - Pool Furniture/Equipment Maint.

This course develops skills in maintaining pool furniture from the environmental factors. Students will learn techniques of refurbishing the furniture, evaluate products that will provide protection from UV and chemical stresses, and learn safety tips. The training may extend to diving boards, slides, pool fencing, and locker room floors and furnishings. Also covered is pool equipment which includes maintenance activities on pumps and motors, filters and strainers, pressure gauges and flow meters, chemical feeders, and chlorine tanks.

SWI105 - Pool Closing

This course develops skills in closing a pool.  It covers draining the pool; blowing out lines; winterizing the components; storage of equipment; and setting up circulation for winter water, plus chemicals.

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