AC/C TECH offers an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Residential & Apartment Technology.  This program consi" /> Residential & Apartment Technology - Associate of Applied Science Degree
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Residential & Apartment Technology
Associate of Applied Science Degree
Tuition & Fees

Degree Information           Tuition & Fees           Course Descriptions

Tuition & Fees Cost  
28 Courses @ $250 Each Plus 3 Workshops

Required Books
Step-By-Step (5 Books @ 9.95 each = $49.75)
Range Repair Manual, Refrigerator & Freezer Repair Manual,
Dishwasher Repair Manual, Washer Repair Manual, and Dryer Repair Manual by GE/Hotpoint  


Appliance Repair Study Course (5 Manuals @ $25 each = $125.00)
Range #4314429, Refrigerator #4314336, Dishwasher #4314205 Automatic Washer #4314170, and Dryer #4314168
by Whirlpool  


2017 National Electrical Code
ISBN: 978-145591277-3 (SB Print)
ISBN: 978-145591278-0 (LL Print)  


Electrical Wiring Residential - 18th Edition
Based on the 2017 NEC
by Ray C. Mullin  


Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Technology - 8th Edition
by Whitman, Johnson and Tomczyk
ISBN13: 978-130-557-8296

Preparation for the EPA Technician Certification
by Ishman F. Moorman  


The Complete Photo Guide To Outdoor Home Improvement
by Black & Decker
ISBN 1-58923-043-4

The Complete Photo Guide To Indoor Home Improvement
by Black & Decker  


Plumbing – Basic, Intermediate & Advanced Projects
by Creative Homeowner Press  


National Fuel Gas Code
by American Gas Association  


2015 - Uniform Plumbing Code
by the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials  


Pool/Spa Operators Handbook - 2017 Edition
by National Swimming Pool Foundation

Indiana State Board of Health
Rule 410 IAC 6-2
Swimming and Wading Pool Operation  

Required General Tools
Plastic tool box with lock, 25 ft. tape measure, 16 oz hammer, utility (box) knife, 15" utility bar, Phillips & standard screw driver set, 6 in 1 screw driver, 12" adjustable wrench, 12" channel locks, 10" slip joint pliers, 10" vice grips, torpedo level, 8” needle nose pliers, 8” lineman pliers, wire strippers, wire rippers & gauge, GFI receptacle tester, 6" drywall taping knife, and hand sander or sanding block.

Required Specialty Tools
VOM meter - fused protected, [2] pocket thermometers range -10EF to 250EF, manifold pressure gauge set, 1/4” refrigeration service wrench, telescopic inspection mirror, furnace brush, cordless drill & bits, hand torch, basin wrench, basket wrench, plug wrench, PO wrench, seat wrench, stem puller, set of tub sockets, socket to remove an electric water heater element, and tubing benders.

Required Safety Equipment
Rubber and cloth gloves, sewer machine gloves, eye protection and dust masks


Total Cost   $9,250.20  

Degree Information           Tuition & Fees           Course Descriptions

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