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Residential & Apartment Technology
Associate of Applied Science Degree

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AC/C TECH offers an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Residential & Apartment Technology. To earn a degree, students are required to [1] complete 24 courses which amounts to 984 hours of specialize technical training; [2] demonstrate a proficiency in 70% of the course activities; [3] score 70% or above on final examinations; and [4] earn a performance rating of 70% or above on externship or OJT assignments.

This degree program is the highest level of training AC/C TECH has to offer and the most difficult for students to achieve.  All training materials align with industry standards, governmental regulations, manuals produced by equipment manufacturers, current textbooks and lab manuals, technical publications, technological advancements, newspaper articles, YouTube videos, and OSHA requirements.  Also, this program is unique in that it allows students to pursue online training followed by actual work assignments.

Graduates from this program will have developed the knowledge, skills and competencies necessary for preforming building maintenance, and, repairing equipment.  Also, our graduates understand the upkeep and maintenance required at a property in order to maintain its curb appeal and to ensure that all vacant apartment units are thoroughly restored to a “market ready” condition and in a timely manner.  In addition, they can interpret vocational and technical materials; understand governmental regulations; properly use tools for the trade; and be able to complete work assignments in a professional manner.  Plus, our graduates understand energy conservation, planned maintenance, and safety activities.

As intangible benefits, our graduates understand the role of a maintenance worker, specifically those relating to time management, communications, teamwork, and customer service.  Our graduates understand a series of activities designed to enhance the level of customer satisfaction – that is, a feeling that his/her work has met the resident’s expectation.  Much of their interactions result from calls initiated because something has failed or is damaged.  When engaging a resident, our graduates will [1] listen to what the resident has to say; [2] be polite and respectful, address their concerns professionally, and refrain from using slang or profanity; [3] not be judgmental or dismissive; [4] document complaints using appropriate forms; [5] make sure that the complaint is properly filed and that the resident gets a copy; [6] confirm appointment time, if applicable, and show up on time; [7] be respectful towards the resident’s space and property; [8] not track dirt, mud or debris into a resident’s home; [9] not be indifferent towards the resident, for example, the issue at hand may not be serious but to the resident it may be extraordinary; and [10] demonstrate empathy, but not patronize.

Education and training is often an elusive benefit to measure financially, but not with our graduates, they will be able to help property management firms reduce operating expenditures; e.g.: Employee Turnover by 33%, Repair & Maintenance 25%, Payroll (Overtime) 17%, Contractor Services 15%, Utilities 12%, Worker’s Compensation Insurance 5%, and Capital Expenditures 3%.  In fact, AC/C TECH encourage property managers to monitor their budgets and determine exactly how our graduates are impacting their bottom line financially.

Below is a listing of the courses:

Degree Information           Tuition & Fees           Course Descriptions

Technical Courses

  •   1. APP101 - Range Maintenance
  •   2. APP102 - Refrigerator Maintenance
  •   3. APP103 - Dishwasher Maintenance
  •   4. SHT105 - Computer Software Applications
  •   5. ELE101 - General Wiring Maintenance
  •   6. ELE102 - Advanced Wiring Maintenance
  •   7. HEA101 - Electric Furnace Maintenance
  •   8. HEA102 - Gas Furnace Maintenance
  •   9. HEA103 - EPA Technician Certification
  • 10. HEA104 - Air Conditioning Maintenance
  • 11. INT101 - Grounds, Scenery & Curb Appeal
  • 12. INT102 - Outdoor Accessories
  • 13. INT103 - Exterior Maintenance
  • 14. INT104 - Interior Maintenance
  • 15. INT105 - Final & Inspection
  • 16. PLU101 - General Plumbing Maintenance
  • 17. PLU102 - Advanced Plumbing Maintenance
  • 18. Elective
  • 19. Elective
  • 20. Elective
  • 21. Elective

General Education Courses

  • 22. GEN102 - Self Management
  • 23. GEN103 - Supervision
  • 24. GEN104 - Shop Math

Degree Information           Tuition & Fees           Course Descriptions

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