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Swimming Pool Maintenance
Course Descriptions

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SWI101 - Pool Codes

This course develops skills in understanding codes and regulations affecting public, semipublic, special-use, and private swimming pools and spas. Students will learn codes affecting the water supply and plumbing fixtures; sewer system and drains; depth markings; safety requirements, supervision and lifesaving equipment; disinfection and water quality; suits and towels for swimmers; cleaning pools; records of operation and supervision; supervision of personal conduct and regulations.

SWI102 - Pool Opening

Pool Opening covers activities related to draining and cleaning the pool; making floor and wall repairs where necessary; painting or acid-bathing; inspecting the chlorinator and chemical feeder; checking the valves, filters, strainers, motor and pump for proper operation; and filling the pool.

SWI103 - Pool Management

Pool management involves maintaining records and files on water testing; disease and accident prevention; pool operation problems and chemical adjustments; equipment maintenance; energy conservation; training personnel; and monitoring swimmers.

SWI105 - Pool Closing

This course develops skills in closing a pool.  It covers draining the pool; blowing out lines; winterizing the components; storage of equipment; and setting up circulation for winter water, plus chemicals.

Program Information           Tuition & Fees           Course Descriptions

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